Making Music: Brass Makes For Great Instruments

When we see the bright yellow trumpets and saxophones of a band, the first word that might come up is “brass.” In metallurgy, brass pertains to the alloy of copper and zinc. In music, it refers to aerophones, or instruments that require the blowing of air to play. However, because many metallic musical instruments are made of the metal brass, brass instruments are often misconstrued as all being made of its namesake metal.

Brass is used in many musical instruments, even outside the brass family, due to its unique properties. Compared to other metals, brass’ malleability makes it resistant to tension; and high-quality brass tube products are tough raw materials used in many other industrial and commercial applications.

When manufacturing musical instruments, efficiency is a top consideration. Brass’ properties make the metal preferable to other kinds, and has the added bonus of being cheaper. This is also a reason why brass is a good choice for many other manufacturing applications.

Users of brass, however, have to consider the quality of the raw materials they get, including round or square brass tubing products. Not all brass pieces are alloyed to standards, which can have a huge effect on the quality of the finished product, including musical instruments.


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