Brass Comes Back as New Home Décor Trend

This year may have introduced new trends in the design world, but some have resurfaced from the past. Home designers are now rediscovering the beauty of brass and the distinct style it brings in a household.

Style icon Martha Stewart, who has collected numerous brass pieces in her many travels, may have spurred the revival of brass as a home decorating trend. She has branded brass as “the poor man’s gold” because of its affordability. The interest in brass prompted décor shops and boutiques to feature brass products like lamps, utensils, and other wares.

Brass is a renowned metal in the designing community because of its many desirable qualities. It is malleable and durable, it doesn’t rust easily, and it can take on any form and shape. Brass extrusions are also ideal for home owners who want to apply a golden metal finish without spending too much money. It has been described as “timeless, warm, and inviting”.

Brass is making a comeback, and now you don’t need to search for it far and wide. Metal shops offer custom extrusions for affordable rates if you want your home to have a brass experience. Trends do really come and go, but sometimes, they come back for more.


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