Brass is Meant to Last

The metallurgical industry has over 400 copper alloys to work with. One of the most useful of these variants is brass, which is produced by the addition of zinc. A seller of square brass tubing products may educate you on some plus points the material has.


Brass products are known for their exceptional durability and professionals like plumbers often use brass pipes for delicate jobs. They can withstand extremely high temperatures, making it ideal for hot water distribution in the home. It is also one of the most corrosion-resistant metals available, allowing areas flowing with highly-corrosive liquids better protection against rust and degradation.

Ease of Machining

Brass’ sheer versatility and malleability make it easy to shape when given the attention of various factory tools and jigs. A low melting point lessens the difficulty for casting applications, but the brass product’s final metal composition must have more zinc to remain coherent.

Pleasing on the Eye

A warm, golden hue gives brass extra nods for aesthetics in addition to tensile strength. In fact, furniture and interior designers often use this metal in faucet taps, lighting fixtures, and bedframes, among many other applications. Outside the home, this alloy has proven to be a popular architectural metal, with brass plates adorning building facades to enhance their appearance.


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