Industries Expected to Raise Demand for Copper Sheet Supplier Products

Taking these projections into account, solar energy companies all over the world will need to get copper sheet supplier products from dependable providers such as Rotax Metals to keep their inventories well-stocked.

This is just the tip of the iceberg for copper usage, however. Because of its high conductivity, the metal is a preferred material for use in electronic devices. Copper is also used for construction purposes; many building materials such as corrosion-resistant roofing contain copper because of the metal’s malleable properties, its lightweight nature, and qualities such as low thermal movement and lightning protection.


Learning to Cut Brass Sheets for Models

Brass sheet metal is suitable for a variety of applications, such as model making. However, if you’re a modeler who wants to improve your craft by adding brass to the list of materials to work with, cutting them is a start. There are some tools you need to make the cutting of brass sheet metal in your workshop a breeze:

Hand Tools

Hand tools are often the basic instruments in practicing your craft, although much trial and error is needed to help get things down pat while exercising the utmost safety. A chisel and hammer works if the metal is a 16-gauge one or lower, and the sheet is atop a wooden backer. Some hobbyists are comfortable with using aviation snips or tin snips to cut just the appropriate size of sheet metal they need for a project. A hacksaw is ideal for softer metal.

Bench Tools

Some bench tools can be used for cutting up your sheets. Straight bench shears slice through the sheets in a straight line, requiring you to properly mark the target path of the cut; the Beverly Throatless shear works for patterns. Softer metal sheets need preparation if you ever use a band saw on them.

Power Tools

Angle grinders are often used when taking on heavy-gauge sheets. Power shears and electric jigsaws increase the efficiency, but you must clean the edges of the cut metal thoroughly.

Importing of Brass Sheet Metal, Other Products on the Rise This Year

Considering the high demand for their products, dependable brass suppliers like Rotax Metals are doing brisk business indeed. Much of their imports are of pipe and tube components, but sheet metal and bars are close behind. Why the increased need for this alloy? Brass has several properties that make it a preferred material in several industries.

First, high-quality brass sheet metal is sufficiently malleable to be easily cut and molded into a vastly diverse range of shapes such as brass cartridges for bullets or brass fixtures for indoor ornamentation, to name just two. This versatility means that many industries seek to have a reliable supply of brass for their own purposes.

Methods for Cleaning Bronze

A popular choice material for home décor and small to large-scale sculptures, bronze is known for its looks and durability. However, it’s not immune from tarnishing, which may ruin its finish if not maintained well. Here are a few methods for cleaning bronze fixtures.

Salt, vinegar, and flour method – For this method, one will need to have one cup of white vinegar, a teaspoon of salt, and flour into a paste, which will then be applied to the bronze using lint and scratch-free cloth. Rinse the bronze with warm water to remove dust before applying the paste. Use the cloth to apply the paste, gently rubbing onto the bronze in small circular motions. Let it set for about 20 to 30 minutes. Once time has passed, the bronze needs to be rinsed with warm water once more and dried. If the tarnish still remains the procedure can be repeated.

Baking soda and lemon juice method – Create the solution by mixing 2 tablespoons of baking soda and lemon juice into a bowl, until a paste forms. Just like the previous procedure, the homemade paste must be applied onto the bronze in circular motions while using non-abrasive cloth.

Additional tips – If lint-free cloth isn’t available, an old white cotton t-shirt cut into squares will do. Aside from this, patience is also a virtue as the greenish patina (tarnish) on bronze might not go away easily with a single cleaning session.

Leading Bronze Bars Supplier Attends the 23rd Annual Wood Boat Show

“Rotax Metals, a supplier of high-quality bronze bars and other industrial metals, attended the recently concluded 23rd Annual Wood Boat Show in Mystic, CT. As a leading brass, bronze, and copper supplier, we are very excited to continue working with wooden boat restorers and manufacturers. Our brass, bronze, and copper can be used in several phases of boat construction, including cleats, trim, hardware, rivets, and structural components.

These fixtures not only add beauty to a sea vessel, they bring interesting history as well. Until the mid-19th century, sailing was done mostly on official business: conquering new lands, transporting spices, or exploring trade routes, just to name a few.”

Making a Play for the Right Brass Fitting

Brass is always a fine metal to use for a variety of purposes, from plaque plates to external gate ornaments. If you intend to acquire stocks of brass for a certain application, things can get tricky unless you know what production method was used for them. The fittings are either extruded or forged. However, some metal experts recommend going for brass extrusions. Continue reading