Why Choose Brass Railing for Outdoor Staircases

A two-story home would prove more functional and aesthetic if it has a well-installed outdoor staircase. Not only can this structural element provide immediate access to the higher floor, it can also add to the uniqueness of a home’s architecture. However, a staircase will not be complete without an exquisitely designed railing.


Generally, a railing serves as a support for anyone using the stairs. Depending on the type of material it is made of, it can also add to the visual appeal of the stairs as a whole. Many different materials can be used to make railings, including wood, metal, stone, and vinyl. Among all of them, metals, particularly the non-ferrous (that is, without iron) ones, are best for the outdoors.


Non-ferrous metals like brass are resistant to corrosion. No matter the weather condition, their strength and durability will not be affected. Brass is perfect for stair railings because it is both non-ferrous and of delicate features. The shiny yellowish color of this metal matches that of gold; in fact, some alloys of brass can hardly be distinguished from the latter.


If installed properly, brass railings can provide not just beauty but safety for stair users. The strength and hardness of certain brass alloys exceed those of popular metals. Added to its natural resistance to rusting, brass can last for as long as you live in your house. In some cases, it can even be recycled to be used for other applications.


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