Why Brass Tubing Is Ideal for Home Use

Brass tubing is a common material used for many household fixtures such as curtain rods, stair railings, water pipes, and door handles. However, have you ever wondered why a lot of these fixtures employ brass as their main material?

For those unfamiliar, brass is created from the smelted combination of copper and zinc to form a metal alloy. It is malleable, meaning it can be easily formed to take on a particular shape according to its intended purpose. This makes it the ideal material to many craftsmen with varying tastes in their product size and figure.

People should also know that copper, the main ingredient in making brass, is impermeable and biostatic. To put it simply, contaminants cannot penetrate it, thus inhibiting the growth of harmful bacteria. Utensils and cookware like pots and pans are created from copper and brass because of that specific property. Some recipes are ideally done on copperware such as those that heavily involve fruits. Copperware assures maximum preservation of the fruits’ rich colors.

Brass tubing comes in round and square shapes. It won’t melt, burn, or give off toxic fumes that can endanger household members. It is probably the safest material to use in making household fixtures and other items. It’s also cost-effective and comes from natural and environment-friendly sources.


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