A Jeweler’s Dream: Pliable Bronze Sheets

With its durable and pliant quality, bronze is a metal that many jewelers like to work with. Apart from the fact that it’s easily accessible (there are several supply stores within reach), the metal’s dark rich gold hue makes it ideal for designing a vintage piece.

Most jewelry designers enjoy producing handcrafted bronze jewelry pieces because it can be cut easily, and can even be etched on for more intricate and lovely designs. The warm richness of its tone and its ability to turn darker and more muted over time only adds more character and charm to the jewelry pieces.

Jewelry designers, though, aren’t the only ones who can relish in working with bronze sheet metal. If you want to make something unique for a loved one, why not fashion a copper cuff bracelet from bronze metal sheets? All you need are bronze sheets, snipping and hammering tools, perseverance, and tons of imagination.

To create your first copper jewelry, start by knowing the measurement of the wearer. Then, use snips to smooth the edges along if the ends are still jagged. You can use embossing techniques or draw on the material if you please. Use a large diameter iron tube to strike the copper with your hammer to curve and bend it to its final form. For the finishing touches, file it to even the surface.


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